Level 90 Heroics

I have two characters at level 90 at the moment. I have done a few heroics without friends. During each heroic, I have managed to make several mistakes.

My best mistakes have been blinking into the boss and starting the fight and using Mind Sear and hitting the boss and starting the fight. The groups I have been in have understood each thing was a mistake.

I honestly thought I would be kicked a lot more than what I have been. So far my count of being kicked is 0. With so many mistakes, I would not blame a group for kicking me along with my very low dps. I am still working on gear and so far each group understands that.

I had gotten in Scarlet Monstery the Graveyard side, almost every single boss drop was a huge upgrade. A random blue staff dropped and purple epic gloves, I had needed on both. Instead of the group being mad about needing on almost everything, they just kept saying Congratulations. That seemed very strange to me though. I am so used to groups grumbling about people needing on bind on equip items that I actually stopped and whispered the warlock on why they all said congrats.

To me, it seems like during the first 4-6months of a new expansion, people are so much nicer in heroics then not. After that time though, people just get down right mean. Like if you don’t have the end game gear or know the dungeon, you are useless.



A few weeks ago I had messaged JD over RealID about how possibly Blizzard has been getting us ready to fight Deathwing this whole time.

What I mean by that, is that I remember we were killing Onyxia and Nefarion in original WoW. We first encountered Nefarion in Upper Black Rock Spiral in the timed event area. We met Onyxia in Stormwind but she was masquerading as Lady Prestor.

Granted I really did not quest very much in BC but JD did remind me that there were dragons from the black dragonflight being killed.

During Lich King, they brought back Onyxia so there was a chance to kill her again plus Obsidian Sanctrum.

Now during Cataclysm, we the players now have the chance to kill off Deathwing himself.

It is for those reasons that I truly believe that Blizzard has had plans for the death of Deathwing since origianl WoW. This is my opinion. I remember that JD had a different opinion on this same subject though.

I guess it just goes with what a person wants to believe and remembers. I remember the whole quest line for getting the neck piece/trinket for doing level 60 Onyxia’s lair. Getting attuned for Blackwing’s Lair.

I am just wondering about anyone else’s opinion about Blizzard having had plans this whole time and preparing us for Deathwing.


 What is in a name? Well, to me it is the thought and what the name represents. Let’s take a look at some of my character names. I have Rosemarylee, Jadedhearts, Kuroma, Saunter, Terrastella, Mizorie, Kittyrose, and Tookiebird.

 Rosemarylee, that name comes from an ex-supervisor of mine. Her name is Rosemary. For some unknown reason, I thought Rosemarylee would be a perfect way of remembering the time I worked for Rosemary.

 Jadedhearts, what can I say about this name. I can only say I was very upset at my ex-boyfriend and created a character that is basically a jaded heart character to remind me that love is never lasting at times.

 Kuroma, my all time favorite anime character is named Kurama. I wanted a female version of the name so I went with Kuroma instead of Kurama.

Saunter got his name from the way I thought humans in game looked like when they walked. I thought they were just sauntering about. Easy enough for his name.

Terrastella is earth star in Italian. I wanted a nice Italian name and found this one. It is rememorable to people and I don’t mind that at all.

Mizorie, can also be pronounced Misery as well. Was feeling miserable and was watching an anime with a character by that name. Different spelling of course.

Kittyrose, that name is also easy to explain. I like cats as my favorite animal and my favorite flower is actually roses. Just do not think for one moment that Kittyrose is a druid though. Kittyrose is a priest. I get enough grief from random groups about the name and class.

Tookiebird, I may or may not be correct in remembering where I heard this name. I swear it is from a movie called George of the Jungle but I may be wrong. It has been years since I saw the movie at all.

All in all, each of my character names do mean something to me. It can be just something funny, to remember a person or feeling, or even just because I wanted a name in a different language.

What character name do you have that means something to you or do you just use a random name from the random generator?

Name Calling

 I know it may not seem like a big deal anymore in groups to point out one player and just make fun of them. This is happening more and more and I for one do not like it.

 Was doing just regular Halls of Origination and of course I was on my mage Mizorie http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/moon-guard/Mizorie/simple. The other two dps and tank were from the same guild. The hunter kept calling me garbage. I could not figure out why and just thought he was jealous. Right before the last boss, he finally told me why he kept calling me garbage. I am almost fully geared in LFR gear and was not pulling more then 21k dps.

 He thought I should have been pulling 40-50k dps and he was also in almost all LFR gear and he was pulling about 14k overall. I tried to point out that 20k was good enough for regular and no one died at all. He did not want to hear any of it and I had finally asked him why didn’t he start a vote to kick on me. He then proceeded to tell me he did not want to wait for another group member. Of course that makes perfect sense, call me garbage but don’t kick.

  I really see this more in LFR though. One or two people will make fun of someone who may be the lowest dps or asks how a certain boss encounter goes. It gets so bad that most of the time the group wipes and wipes and people leave. Vote kicks go out on everyone below 15k dps. Most of the people below 15k dps are there for the gear because they really need it from what I have been able to see.

 I read all this talk about name calling in schools but what about online games as well. Granted Blizzard is making it easier to report swearing, spamming, and all that but they forgot about name calling. Most of the name calling I see is normally involving swearing but not to the point where you can feel justified in reporting it. Is there any options besides ignore?

Time with Friends

I may no longer play on the server I started out on very often as of the moment, but I am very glad that Blizzard came out with Real World ID so I am able to keep up with my friends from Runetotem. I believe that most of my friends are now playing on different servers as well and on Horde and Alliance sides.

 Even through all the different changes with servers and sides, one thing that still remains consistent is that we are able to talk about anything still. Complaints about groups, family life, other friends, even the pets. It is whatever is on the mind at the time.

I believe I am lucky though. I have at least one friend on each time I log in.

Some I talk to all the time and others I hardly talk to but we are able to pick up a conversation easily.

If I were to ever stop playing, I would more then likely try to get all the email addresses of everyone to be able to keep in touch. I would hate to lose touch with any of them.

Herb Bag

On sunday I had asked on the one guild I am in if anyone was able to make any size herb bag. Someone responded, I bought the mats that she said she needed, sent them off to her with a fond farewell. I then went to bed and dreamed of the nice shiny bag I would have the next day for herbs.

I woke up the very next morning but much to my disappointment there was not a shiny new bag. There was nothing in the mail. So very disappointed a scribe I was.

Fast forward a couple of days, I kept seeing the person on but was very uncertain on how to approach her in asking about the bag. Wednesday night, I talked to the guild leader about the whole thing and what I should do. I did not say who it was in the guild, just that it was a priest with tailoring. Considering I am too lazy to see how many of each class has a certain profession, he was easily able to track her down.

Anyways, while we were talking about what I should do, he was talking to his priest tailor girlfriend about it. I was on the phone taking care of guild business on a different server then what I was on. I had vent barely turned up. I heard my name and check your mail. Low and behold, the guild leader’s girlfriend sent me the hyjal herb bag. I was so very ecstatic about it. I went and equipped it and began to add all of my herbs to it.

I had asked her what she would like in return and she told me. I went and bought the volatile life and sent it off with a small hug.

Fast forward to the next morning, I wake up, log in, check my mail and there were two herb bags from the original person. I cringed, I had no clue what I should do. I finally had enough time to talk to the guild leader. He told me I should send one to his girlfriend and keep the other. The main reason was that the herb bag she sent me, she had originally made for herself and was gathering the mats back up to make it again.

I felt guilty, if I would have known that, I never would have accepted the bag in the first place. He did assure me that she wanted me to have it and she would not take no for an answer. I did send the biggest one that was made by the other person to her.

I do plan on, as soon as I get enough mats, to make every enchant that I use on my discipline priest and send it straight to her in hopes that it will save her some money.

I would love some ideas on what else I can give her since she gave up something she wanted for someone she barely knows.

Dungeon-Heroic Deadmines

I did heroic Deadmines on Mizorie. I joined group right at the foundry. I asked who was doing the harvester and was told that I was to do it. No problem, I remembered how.

Bad problem, tank did not pull the boss up the ramp and we wiped. Found out I was the only one to have been there at all on any 85 on heroic. I explained that the boss must be pulled up the ramp away from the bottom where the fire elementals appear. The group did awesome after being told that. We even got the achievement.

Explained the rest of the fights as we went along. Did great. During the mario part of the gauntlet, wiped twice on it*completely expected it*, got to the worgens on the docks and they stood there. We die. Lovely, but a new group to the heroic and truthfully, I forgot that part.

We get back to Vanessa, warlock forgets to grab a rope. He dies. I laugh, I thought it was funny.He was standing right next to the rope.

We beat Vanessa with only the lock, healer and myself dying. I died because I lagged at the wrong time. Healer died when she set fire to herself. He could not move fast enough.

Over all, most of the group was happy I was thrown in with them that they had said. I am happy I was able to share some knowledge on a heroic for once.

The tank had even said he hoped to see us again, unfortunately, I have already forgotten his name. He took advice quite well and admitted when something was his fault. I do admire that in a tank.